WATCH: These Guitars are Actual Pieces of NYC Landmarks

New York City-based Carmine Street Guitars is turning landmarks into music, and the result is pretty freaking awesome. Some of the greats—Bob Dylan, Lou Reed, The Dan, Roger Waters—agree, as they’ve bought some of these custom guitars. To find out a little more about this project, look no further...
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Roger Daltrey

WATCH: The Story Behind Roger Daltrey and Mic Swinging

March 1 marks the birthday of The Who’s lead singer, Roger Daltrey. So of course, to mark the occasion, we had to talk microphones.
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Could Aerosmith Replace Beyonce at Coachella?

Could Aerosmith replace Beyoncé at Coachella this year? How about Paul McCartney? If you think you know the answer to that question, it may be time to call Vegas to put your money where your mouth is. A popular sports betting website has put together some odds on who Beyoncé’s replacement will be...
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WATCH: What Happens When You Put Bass Strings on a Guitar?

YouTuber Davie504 was asked to string his guitar with bass strings. His reaction? Challenge accepted. Things are about to get funky. Check it out: What do you think of this bass/guitar hybrid?
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This Day in History: Zeppelin Performs Sydney Show

On Sunday, February 27, 1972, Led Zeppelin performed at Sydney Showground in Sydney, Australia. In this perfectly vintage clip, you can watch the band perform Elvis Presley’s “Let’s Have A Party,” before walking off stage amidst the crowd. At this show, the crowd was well over capacity with more...
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Three Times Iron Maiden Blew Our Minds

Iron Maiden’s been in the game for quite some time now, and for good reason. They’ve put out some killer songs and performed with the kind of energy that only true rock and roll can bring. So why not celebrate the band? Here's a list of our top three Iron Maiden performances. 3. “Run To The Hills”...
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WATCH: Sting Performs at Oscars

At last night’s 89th Annual Academy Awards, Sting gave a powerful performance of his song “The Empty Chair,” an Oscar-nominated song in its own right. The song, which was recorded on the piano, was performed acoustically last night. “The Empty Chair” is known for its appearance in the documentary...
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Oscar mistake on stage

WATCH: Wrong Movie Announced as Winner for Best Picture Making It the Most Awkward Live TV Moment Ever

Talk about a "Hollywood ending" for Sunday's Academy Awards. It will go down as the craziest moment in Oscar history, and it may just be one of the most memorable moments in the history of live television. The wrong movie was announced as the winner of the best picture award during Sunday's Oscar...
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New Music Friday: George Harrison Box Set, David Bowie, and More

Today’s New Music Friday is all about celebrating some goodies you already know, from George Harrison classics to newer releases from David Bowie. Just in time for George Harrison’s birthday, George Harrison – The Vinyl Collection box set was released today, and this is one extensive collection (...
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Throwback to 1964: The Beatles on Ed Sullivan

The British Invasion hit America on February 9, 1964—the day The Beatles marked their American television debut, playing live on The Ed Sullivan Show. It was estimated that 73 million Americans watched the live episode, igniting Beatlemania stateside. The full February 9 th episode was split into...
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