Limp Bizkit is Working on a New Album

It's just one of those days... but in a good way this time

November 14, 2018
Limp Bizkit

Press Association

Limp Bizkit’s last new music came in 2011, delivering Gold Cobra as a 16-track work that broke their six-year gap in releases.

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Although excited about the music and almost immediately ready to jump into a follow-up in 2012, the nu-metal band hit a rough spot with in-fighting leading to the departure of DJ Lethal. Despite the tumultuous time, Bizkit is ready to put it and their seven-year break from new music behind them.

Guitarist Wes Borland recently shared an update from the studio, taking to Instagram to tease their return to recording. "We would have started last Saturday but were displaced by the fires and lost some gear,” he explained in the caption of his guitar warm ups video.

As the Woosley Fire ravages California, frontman Fred Durst was among those to lose his home to the wildfire, also losing a number of pieces of the band's gear along the way.